What can I do with regard to shoreland alterations?

Any properties that fall within the Shoreland Overlay District shall be subject to the development performance standards of Section 1243 of the Sunfish Lake Zoning Ordinance.

Vegetative alterations necessary for the construction of a building, structure, or sewage treatment system shall be subject to review and approval of the City Planner and City Forester. Preservation of existing vegetation is emphasized.

  1. a. Intensive vegetative clearing is prohibited within 100 feet of any lake ordinary high water mark, within 20 feet of the top of any bluff or on slopes of 12 percent or greater.

    b. Within 100 feet of any lake ordinary high water mark, mowed lawns shall not exceed 20 percent of the shoreland impact zone.

    c. Within 100 feet of any lake ordinary high water mark or 20 feet to the top of a bluff, limited vegetative removal, pruning or trimming may be allowed provided:

    (1)  The principal structure, vehicle parking, and other structures are substantially screened from the water in Summer leaf-on conditions.
    (2)  No cutting or removal of trees over six inches in diameter measured at a point two feet above the ground is permitted without City approval.

    d. Removal of dead or diseased trees are allowed as regulated by Chapter 1103 of the Sunfish Lake City Code.






Vegetation removal in the Shoreland Overlay District, or tree cutting or removal will require a consultation with the City Forester.