St. Anne's Episcopal Church
Hwy. 110 and Charlton Road

TUESDAY, MAY 3, 2016
7:00 P.M.

1)  Call to Order

2)  Approve Agenda

3)  Consent Agenda:

a.  Approve Special Joint Council/Planning Commission Minutes and Regular Council Minutes April 5, 2016
b.  List of Bills
c.  Monthly Financial Statements

4)  Comments from the Public

5)  Presentations/Public Hearings:  None

6)  Planning Commission/Planner’s Report:

a.  Consider Adoption of Ordinance Amendment Relating to Fees for Planning Applications
b.  Consider Adoption of Ordinance Pertaining to Alternative Energy Systems
c.  Planner’s Report

7)  Staff Reports:

a.  Building Inspector
b.  City Engineer
c.  City Forester
d.  Public Safety

8)  New/Other Business:

a.  Consider Resolution Authorizing the City of Sunfish Lake to Participate in the Minnesota GreenStep Cities Program
b.  Other

9)  Adjourn