St. Anne's Episcopal Church
Hwy. 110 and Charlton Road
7:00 P.M.

1)  Call to Order

2)  Approve Agenda

3)  Consent Agenda:

a.  Approve Regular City Council Minutes March 2, 2016 and Special Council Minutes March 10, 2016
b.  List of Bills
c.  Monthly Financial Statements

4)  Comments from the Public

5)  Public Hearings:

a.  Consider Adopting Resolution of Findings of Fact Supporting Cable Franchise Ordinance and Adopting Cable Franchise Ordinance
b.  Review the City’s Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program Plan (SWPPP) and the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)

6)  Planning Commission/Planner’s Report:

a.  Discuss Conners Administrative Permit for Chicken and Bee Keeping
b.  Discuss Conditional Use Permit for Ground Mounted Solar Energy Systems
c.  Planner’s Report

7)  Staff Reports:

a.  Building Inspector
b.  City Engineer
c.  City Forester
d.  Public Safety

8)  New/Other Business:

a.  Consider Resolution to Participate in the Dakota County All-Hazards Mitigation Planning Process
b.  Discuss City of Sunfish Lake to Participation in the Minnesota GreenStep Cities Program
c.  Brief Summary of MnDOT Proposed Changes to Highway 110 Improvements
d.  Consider Authorizing Expenditure for Printing Costs for Minnesota Mayor’s Conference Postcards
e.  Other

9)  Adjourn