7:00 P.M. – ONLINE MEETING


Chair:   Tom Hendrickson

Commissioners:  Ginny Beckett, Shannon Nelson, and Dominick Driano
City Planner:  Ryan Krzos

City Clerk:  Cathy Iago

  Commissioner Jeannine Nayes was absent

1.    CALL TO ORDER:  Chair Hendrickson called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

2.    ADOPT AGENDA:  Chair Hendrickson asked if there were any additions to the agenda and there was no response.

Commissioner Driano moved to adopt the agenda, seconded by Commissioner Nelson and carried 4-0) 

3.    APPROVE MINUTES AUGUST 19,2020:   Chair Hendrickson asked if there were any additions or corrections to the August 19, 2020 Commission minutes and there was no response.

Commissioner Beckett moved to approve the August 19, 2020 Planning Commission meeting minutes as presented, seconded by Chair Hendrickson and carried. (4-0)


4.   PUBLIC HEARING:  A. Major Site and Building Plan Review, 245 Salem Church Road, Chris Van Klei, Detail Homes, Tim and Kate Becker:  Chair Hendrickson opened the meeting for the purpose of a Public Hearing on the Major Site and Building Plan Review application from Chris Van Klei, Detail Homes on behalf of the property owners Time and Kate Becker. He asked Planner Krzos to review the request.

Planner Krzos referred to his report dated October 14, 2020 and explained that the applicant, Detail Homes submitted the application on behalf of the property owners, Tim and Kate Becker, for a Major Site and Building Plan review to facilitate the construction of a single-family residence at 245 Salem Church Road.  He stated that the property is zoned R-1, Single Family Residential, and that the request includes constructions of a residential structure in the central portion of the site, a pool, and an attached garage.  He noted that the driveway access would be provided from Salem Church Road to the attached garage in a north/south orientation with a circular turnaround.


The Planner stated that the application meets all applicable requirements for setbacks, height and building area.  He explained that the proposed structure would be a white, traditional style farmhouse designed with a pitched gambrel roof.  He stated that exterior materials consist of wood lap siding and cedar shake siding and roof shingles; he noted these materials are consistent with surrounding residential properties and are allowed by the Zoning Ordinance.


Planner Krzos advised that a tree inventory was provided as well as a landscaping plan.  He noted that thirteen (13) trees would be removed and almost all of these trees are aggressive (box elder) or not in good condition (silver maple, white pines).  He stated that existing trees along Salem Church Road would remain and fifty (50) new trees would be planted within the site; these include Maple, White Pine and Quaking Aspen.  He advised that grouping of new trees are arranged to provide screening of the site from adjacent residential properties to the east and west and several plantings of shrubs and perennials are proposed around the perimeter of the structure and pool area.  He noted that the City Forester had reviewed the proposed plans and tree inventory. 

The Planner stated that the exterior lighting plans include building lights, garden lights, and landscape up lighting along the driveway.  He stated that primary and secondary septic locations were identified on the plans in the area south of the proposed residents with a secondary septic area shown on the plans near Salem Church Road.  He advised the well would be located southeast of the attached garage. 


Planner Krzos advised that stormwater management facilities are proposed to the north of the building and adjoining swimming pool. He stated that the City Engineer reviewed the stormwater management, erosion control, and site grading plan.  He explained that after several meetings with the applicant, the City Engineer and found that the plans conform to ordinance requirements.


The Planner referred to page 3 of his report dated October 14. 2020 and reviewed Item No.4 Site Plan Review Criteria.  He noted that the project is compatible with neighboring existing structures and that out-buildings were removed from the site in 2017.  He stated that the proposed plan preserves the character and nature of the surrounding community.  He noted that the building materials proposed meet all requirements.


Planner Krzos stated that staff recommends approval of the request base don the Findings of Fact and subject to the ten (10) conditions as listed in the staff report dated October 14, 2020.  He advised that a public hearing would be held this evening to allow public comments on the request.  He briefly reviewed the conditions listed on page 5 of the Planner’s report dated October 14, 2020 and noted that the exterior lights shall not exceed one (1) candle (meter reading) as measure at the property line. He explained that the applicant must adhere to all the conditions and needs to apply for all applicable permits. 


The Planer advised that he received a letter from the adjacent property owner, Robert Brackey at 273 Sale Church Road, asking if the electrical utilities would be above ground or buried and asking to see a copy of the proposed driveway design due to concerns relating to vehicle headlights.  He advised Mr. Brackey that the utilities would not be above ground and that the driveway would be located further from his property to the west. He further advised Mr. Brackey that the driveway does not angle toward the west and that proposed plantings should screen headlights from his property.


Planner Krzos offered to respond to questions.

Chair Hendrickson opened the meeting to receive comments from the public.

Chris Van Klei,  Detail Homes, stated he is the architect for the project and that in his opinion the fantastic design of the home would be compatible with the existing homes in Sunfish Lake and that it is a perfect fit for the site.  He thanked the planner for his presentation.

Katherine Becker, property owner, stated she and her husband Tim were present to introduce themselves to the Commission.  She advised that they are thrilled to be moving into the community with their two (2) children and thanked the Commission and staff.

Chair Hendrickson asked if there were any further comments or questions from the public or the Commission and there was no response. He closed the public hearing. He asked the Commission if there was any further discussion; there was no response.


Commissioner Driano moved to recommend approval of the Major Site and Building Plan Review for the property located at 245 Salem Church Road, Chris Van Klei of Detail Homes and Tim and Kate Becker, based on the Findings of Fact and subject tot the conditions as listed in the Planner’s report dated October 14, 2020, seconded by Commissioner Nelson and carried. (4-0)

OTHER/NEW BUSINESS:  Chair Hendrickson asked if it was necessary for the Commission to approve the meeting schedule for next year.

Planner Krzos explained that the Commission usually adopts the schedule at the first meeting next year. He stated that he was unsure if there would be another meeting scheduled this year as there have been no inquiries.

ADJOURN:  Chair Hendrickson asked if there was any further business and, hearing no response, adjourned the meeting at 7:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,




Catherine Iago, City Clerk


We are a small community proud of our heritage and committed to the preservation of our pristine, rural character. We cherish our privacy, yet know we are part of a thriving Dakota County and the greater Twin Cities metropolitan area. With these partnerships in mind, we strive to preserve that unique spirit which is Sunfish Lake, Minnesota.