The FAA has reported to congress on April 14, 2020 about noise metrics.  Click FAA Report to Congress for the report.  

The Minneapolis-St. Paul International (MSP) Airport is a busy international airport in a major metropolitan area. Even though there have been more people traveling in and out of the two terminals, the number of flights remain consistent to what they were in the recent past.

The MAC understands that there are noise concerns from neighborhoods around the airport and maintains a 24-hour noise complaint and information hotline.

File complaints directly with Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC)

Residents affected by aircraft noise may file an aircraft noise complaint directly with MAC online at or they may call the hotline at 612-726-9411.

There are benefits to filing a complaint directly with MAC. It allows their staff to track the complaints, answer questions, provide data, and help residents understand aircraft activity. It’s important to note the FAA makes the decisions on how and where aircraft fly. The MAC Board may make recommendations to the FAA on how to adjust airport operations so that noise impacts are minimized going forward; however, it will not be done if it impedes safetyor airport efficiency.