1225.01          Keeping Animals




The following animals may be kept in the City:


A.        Domestic animals are allowed in all zoning districts.


B.        Horses are an allowed accessory use per district regulations.


C.        Except as provided herein, farm animals are not allowed in the City.


D.        Animals being kept as part of the Minnesota Zoological Gardens, St. Paul Como Zoo, or similar institutional docent programs are an allowed use in all zoning districts.   Before such animals are allowed, however, the participant in the program must notify immediately abutting property owners and the City Planner in writing of their participation in the program and identify the animal being kept.


5 9 E.     Farm and Non-Domestic Animals.


28 1.    Except as herein provided, farm or other non-domestic animals may be allowed within the City subject to the approval of an administrative permit by the City Forester. The consideration involving the approval or denial of an administrative permit shall include, but not be limited to:


a.         The notification of immediately abutting property owners and an assessment of the possible negative impacts upon such properties.


b.         The  adequacy  of  the  site  and  buildings  to  accommodate  the animals in question.


c.         The public health, safety, and general welfare concerns posed by the animals in question.


d.         The ability of   an animal enclosure to meet the following setback and          locational  standards  (where   other  setback  or  locational standards   can   apply   to   buildings   and   structures   used   for enclosures, the more restrictive requirements shall apply):


(1)     The animal enclosure may not be located closer to the boundary line of an adjacent property than to the principal structure on the animal owner’s property, and not less than twenty-five (25) feet from the lot line.



(2)     Maintain a twenty-five (25) foot setback from wetlands or public waters wetlands as defined in Section 1202.02 of this Ordinance.


2.         Approval of an administrative permit may be issued for a period of one (1) year after which the permit may be reissued for periods of up to three (3) years.  In cases where complaints from neighbors have been received or where there has been a change in conditions or violations, a renewal shall require City Council approval and at their discretion, may be processed in accordance with the procedural requirements of an Interim Use Permit.


F.         Animals may only be kept for commercial purposes if authorized in the zoning district where the animals are located and upon the approval of an interim use permit pursuant to Section 1205 of this Ordinance.


G.        Animals may not be kept if they cause a nuisance or endanger the health or safety of the community.


H.        Dog kennels shall require an interim use permit pursuant to Section 1205 of this Ordinance and shall be subject to other applicable sections of the City Code, including legal non-conforming use provisions for established facilities.