The purpose of this Section is to achieve the following objectives:

A. To establish standards which permit reasonable and equitable opportunity for business identification.

B. To preserve and promote civic beauty and prohibit signs which would detract from this objective because of size, shape, height, location, condition, cluttering or illumination.

C. To ensure that signs do not create safety hazards.

D. To preserve and protect property values.



A. Permit Required. It is unlawful to install, construct, erect, alter, revise, reconstruct or relocate any sign as defined in this Ordinance in the City of Sunfish Lake without first obtaining approval of an Administrative Permit as required by this Ordinance, except as provided in Section 1222.02.B, below.

B. Exceptions. Administrative Permit need not be obtained for the following signs, provided that all other applicable requirements of this Ordinance are met:

1. One sign up to three (3) square feet in area (excluding temporary signs) may be posted on any parcel of land, except that such sign may not be an off-premise sign.

2. Signs posted by authorized government officials on public land or right-of- way.

3. Up to two (2) address signs per property. An address sign shall not exceed two (2) square feet in area per side and shall not include any other messages.

4. Flags. No flag on a flagpole shall exceed forty (40) square feet in area. No single property shall fly more than three (3) flags at one time. Flagpoles shall not exceed forty (40) feet in height. If the total area of the flags exceeds seventy two (72) square feet, the excess area shall be included in any sign area calculations for the property. Wall-mounted flags shall be limited to one flag per property and shall not exceed twenty (20) square feet in area.

5. All noncommercial speech signs of any size posted in any number from forty-six (46) days before the state primary in a state general election year until ten (10) days following general election, and thirteen (13) weeks prior to any special election until ten (10) days following the special election as allowed by MN Statutes 211B.045.

6. Real Estate Signs. One (1) real estate sign shall be allowed per parcel when a property is offered for sale or lease. Real estate signs shall be six (6) square feet or less and shall not exceed six (6) feet in height. Signs shall be removed within three (3) days of the date of closing or leasing of the property.

C. Prohibited Signs. The following signs are prohibited in all zoning districts:

1. Abandoned signs.

2. Billboards.

3. Roof signs.

4. Off-premises signs.

5. Portable signs.

6. Dynamic display signs.

7. Signs posted within the public right-of-ways and on public property excluding signs expressly allowed herein and those allowed by governmental agencies.

8. Signs painted directly on the outside wall of a building, fence, rock or similar structure.

9. Signs attached to trees.

D. Maintenance. The area on the property around the sign on which it is erected shall be properly maintained and clear of brush, long grass, weeds, debris, rubbish and other obstacles. All burned-out light bulbs or damaged panels on a sign shall be immediately replaced.

E. Appearance. Signs must be legible and lettering must be type-set, stenciled, printed, stamped, commercially produced, or mechanically produce

F. Location. No sign or sign structure shall be placed on or protrude over the public right-of-way.



The following signs are permitted in all zoning districts. Approval of an Administrative Permit is required for each sign.

A. Temporary Signs. No sign permit shall be issued by the City for a temporary sign for a period of more than twenty-one (21) days at one time or for more than three (3) twenty-one (21) day periods in any calendar year. Permit periods may run consecutively without interruption if approved by the City. Only one (1) temporary sign shall be allowed on a property at one time. In cases of properties with multiple tenants, one (1) temporary sign per tenant shall be allowed at one time. Temporary signs shall not exceed six (6) square feet.



A. General Provisions. In addition to the signs allowed in Section 1222.02.B, the following signs are permitted the INS District. An Administrative Permit is required for each sign. All signs in the INS District shall be integrated with the design and architecture of any buildings or structures on the property in terms of materials, style, color, and placement. If the sign is illuminated, it shall meet the applicable luminary requirements set forth in Section 1216.06 of this Ordinance.

B. Permitted Signs. The following additional types of signs are permitted in the INS District:

1. Monument Signs. A monument sign shall not consist of more than fifty (50) square feet of sign area per side. A monument sign shall not be greater than ten (10) feet in height. A monument sign shall be set back at least fifty (50) feet from all property lines. One (1) monument sign is allowed per property.

2. Directional Signs. Directional signs shall be less than four (4) square feet in surface area, consist of only two surfaces and contain no illumination or additional messages. Two such signs shall be allowed per property.