This Section shall apply to the following applications:

A. In the case of a request to divide a portion of a lot where the division is to permit the adding of a parcel of land to an abutting lot so that no additional lots are created and both new lots conform to zoning ordinance lot size minimum standards.

B. In the case of a request to combine two (2) existing platted lots.

C. In the case of a request to divide a lot from a larger tract of land and thereby creating no more than two lots, both of which conform to Zoning Ordinance minimum standards.  To qualify, the parcel of land shall not have been part of a minor subdivision within the last five (5) years.

D. The requested property division does not cause the need for dedication of public right-of-way or other easements and does not lie adjacent to an existing public right-of-way for which additional right-of-way dedications will be requested.



A. Certificate of Survey:  The requested minor division   shall be prepared by a registered land surveyor in the form of a Certificate of Survey.

B. Property Description and Submission Information:  The data and supportive information detailing the proposed subdivision shall be the same as required for a preliminary plat as described in Section 1301.05 of this Ordinance.  Exceptions, as stipulated in writing, may be granted by the City Planner.



The minor subdivision shall conform to all design standards as specified in this Ordinance.  Any proposed deviation from said standards shall require the processing of a variance request.



A. If the land division involves property which has been previously platted, or the total property area included is greater than five (5) acres, the City Council may approve the subdivision, provided that it complies with applicable provisions of this Ordinance.

B. In the case of applications involving property which has not been previously platted, and is less than five (5) acres in total area, applicable processing provisions of Section 1303.02, Preliminary Platting shall be followed. 

C. Unless approved as a minor subdivision or as a final plat as provided herein, a new subdivision shall not be valid in the City, and the Building Inspector shall not issue building permits for any structure on a lot in such subdivision.  The Council shall not permit any public improvements to be installed unless the minor subdivision or preliminary plat is approved and shall not permit any services until approval of the final plat.