SECTION 608.01 Definitions:

The following definitions shall apply in the interpretation and enforcement of this Ordinance.

Subd. 1 Dog Owner: Any person owning or harboring a dog for three consecutive days, shall for the purpose of this Section be deemed the owner thereof.

Subd. 2 Person: Person means any person, firm corporation, partnership, joint venture or association.

Subd. 3 Under Restraint: Means an animal that is controlled by a leash or at heel beside a competent person having custody of it and obedient to that person's commands, or within a vehicle being driven or parked on a public street or if it is within the property limits of its owner's premises.


SECTION 608.03  Violation:

Subd. 1 Vaccination Required: The owner of every dog in the City shall cause such dog to be currently vaccinated for rabies.  A certificate of vaccination or other statement of the same effect executed by a licensed veterinarian shall constitute prima facie proof of the required vaccination.

Subd. 2 Affixation of Tag Required:- The owner of every dog in the City shall affix a tag to the collar of the dog in such a manner that the tag may be easily seen.  The tag shall contain information of the current rabies vaccination, and identifying the owner, the owner's address and telephone number.

Subd. 3 Restraint of Dog:  Any dog that does not have such identification tag affixed to its collar and that is not under restraint, and that is found on the public street, or on public land, or on private land without the landowner's consent, shall be seized and impounded by the city's police department and taken to the humane office of the City as designated by the Council.  The humane officer shall determine whether other forms of identification are present on the dog; such other forms to be checked are those stated in Minnesota Statute 346.50, including an electronically activated identification device.  The officer to whom the dog is delivered shall, without delay, notify the owner, personally or through the United States mail, if such owner be known to the officer or can be ascertained with reasonable effort, but if the owner be unknown or cannot be ascertained, then the officer shall post written notice in three public places in the City, giving a description of the dog, stating where it is impounded and the conditions for its release.  If, after five days, the owner does not claim the dog the officer shall dispose of the dog in a proper and humane manner.  The dog shall not be released to the owner until the owner has paid the humane officer for the cost of keeping and feeding the dog.  The dog shall not be released until the owner has made arrangements for rabies vaccination.


SECTION 608.05 Penalty:

Any person found guilty of violating the provisions of this Ordinance shall be guilty of a petty misdemeanor. 


(Ord. 607-1, 3/7/95) (Ord. 96-23, 9/3/96)