SECTION 605.01  Findings:

The City Council has found that due to the size of the bodies of water located within its boundaries and due to the fact that all of these bodies of water are surrounded by single-family homes and, further, because the City is zoned for the quiet and pastoral enjoyment of this unique residential setting, that motorboats are inimical to the purpose of the Zoning Code and hereby prohibited.


SECTION 605.02  Definitions:

Subd. 1 Motorboat: “Motorboat", shall mean any watercraft propelled in any manner by machinery, including watercraft temporarily equipped with detachable motors, as defined by Minnesota Statute 86B.005, Subd. 9, as may be amended.

Subd. 2 Bodies of Water: "Bodies of Water", shall mean any body of water in the City, including Sunfish Lake, Hornbeam Lake and Horseshoe Lake, navigable or unnavigable, with access to more than one property within the City.


SECTION 605.03  General Prohibition:

The use of motorboats on or in any body of water in the City of Sunfish Lake is prohibited.


SECTION 605.04  Exception:

Authorized governmental resource management, emergency and enforcement personnel when acting in the performance of their assigned duties shall be exempt from this Ordinance.


SECTION 605.05  Enforcement:

The provisions of this Ordinance shall be enforced by City authorized peace officers, officers of the Dakota County Sheriff's Office and Conservation Officers of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.


SECTION 605.06  Penalties:

Violation of any provision of this Ordinance shall be a misdemeanor. 


(Ord. 1997-01, 1/7/97, Ord. 1997-10, 12/2/97)