SECTION 102.01 Generally:

Words and phrases shall be construed in their plain, ordinary and usual sense, except that technical words and phrases having a peculiar and appropriate meaning in law shall be understood according to their technical import.

SECTION 102.02 Gender:

Unless the context clearly requires otherwise, the use of either masculine, feminine or neuter gender shall include the other genders.

SECTION 102.03 Number:

Unless the context clearly requires otherwise, the use of either singular or plural number shall include the other number.

SECTION 102.04 Tense:

Unless the context clearly requires otherwise, the use of either past, present or future tense shall include the other tenses.

SECTION 102.05 Joint Authority:

Words importing joint authority to three (3) or more persons shall be construed as authority to a majority of such persons.

SECTION 102.06 Time:

Whenever words fixing or importing time or the hour of the day are used in this Code, they shall be construed to mean Central Standard Time or Central Daylight Savings Time whichever is applicable. The time within which an act shall be done shall be computed by excluding the first (1st) and including the last day. If the last day is a Sunday or a legal holiday, such day shall be excluded.

SECTION 102.07 Deputies:

Whenever this Code requires an act to be done, which act may legally be done by an agent or employee as well as by the principal, such requirements shall be satisfied by the performance of such act by an authorized agent or employee.

SECTION 102.08 Filing at City Offices:

Whenever this Code requires filing with, payment to or notification of any certain city official or department, the requirement shall be satisfied by filing, payment or notification at the regular office of such city official or department during business hours on any business day.

SECTION 102.09 Repeals:

The repeal of a provision which repeals a prior provision does not revive the prior provision, unless the intent to do so is clearly stated. The repeal of any provision shall not be construed to abate, annul or otherwise affect any provision had or commenced under or by virtue of the repealed provision, and the same shall be as if the said provision had not been repealed, unless a contrary intent is clearly stated. Any article, chapter or section duly enacted by the City Council and included in this Code, and any other independent ordinance, chapter, section or subdivision of an ordinance duly enacted shall be altered, amended or revised only by the complete nullification and repeal of such ordinance, article, chapter, section or subdivision and by the subdivision as amended, altered or revised.

SECTION 102.10 Liberal Construction:

All general provisions, terms, phrases and expressions contained in the Sunfish Lake City Code shall be liberally construed in order that the true intent and meaning of such provisions may be fully carried out.

SECTION 102.11 Minnesota Rules of Construction:

Unless clearly in conflict with provisions of this Code, or otherwise clearly inapplicable, rules of construction established for the State of Minnesota by statutes or case law shall apply in the construction of this Code.