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To any SFL resident who did not get a post card from Dakota County for free well testing, call Dakota County Environmental Resources to request a card. NOTE: Card must be returned by April 15th!

Dakota County is planning to conduct community-focused groundwater sampling this summer for private well owners in the cities and townships of Empire Twp, Hampton Twp, Lilydale, Mendota, Mendota Heights, Nininger Twp, South St. Paul, Sunfish Lake, Vermillion Twp, Waterford Twp, and West St. Paul. Private well owners will be offered the opportunity for free outdoor and indoor water testing.

Providing targeted water sampling is an important part of the County’s ongoing groundwater protection and education programming, as identified in the 2020-2030 Dakota County Groundwater Plan. Offering free water testing provides multiple benefits, including giving well owners an opportunity to understand health concerns related to their drinking water and improving the County’s understanding of community risks from groundwater contamination. The goal is to offer every Dakota County private well owner a free water test at least once over the next 5-years.

Letters were recently mailed to all households with known wells for the identified cities and townships, well owners have until April 15th to return the pre-paid post card (provided in the letter) to identify they are interested in receiving a free water test kit.  Water test kits will be mailed out this summer to those well owners that responded, they will have until the end of the year to collect a water sample from their untreated outside and inside primary drinking water faucets.  All outside water samples will be tested for nitrate, arsenic, manganese and chloride.  Samples collected from the inside primary drinking water facet will be tested for lead; nitrate, arsenic and manganese will be tested if they are found in the outside sample.

The County will provide each participant a copy of their individual results with risk communication, water treatment options (if applicable) and resources to help ensure residents have safe drinking water. We’ll also develop and provide you an individual community (city/township) factsheet with a summary of results.

 Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns, or if you’d like to discuss the sampling program. We’d be more than happy to brief the process and results at city or township hall meetings.

We are a small community proud of our heritage and committed to the preservation of our pristine, rural character. We cherish our privacy, yet know we are part of a thriving Dakota County and the greater Twin Cities metropolitan area. With these partnerships in mind, we strive to preserve that unique spirit which is Sunfish Lake, Minnesota.