Greetings Neighbors,

I hope all of you are enjoying this long-awaited warm summer we are experiencing.

Some special events took place in SFL in May.

A special “Thank You!” to Chief Brian Sturgeon and members of the Mendota Heights Fire Department who provided lifesaving training in CPR prior to the May 2nd City Council meeting. It was excellent training and gave confidence to those in attendance that we could initiate those procedures in an emergency.

Our SFL Forester, Jim Nayes, led another successful Arbor Day event at Musser Park. Another special “Thank You!” to the Sarah and Scott Buell family and sons, William, 10; Reed, 8; and Gregory, 6 and the Rachel and Jeremy Segal family and their son, Noah, 7, all of whom did a yeoman’s job of planting 14 of the 20 trees. Also, to Emily Wu, for her 4-wheeler delivery of water for the trees, which saved everyone’s back!

We were treated to another Kentucky Derby-themed social event that was a fun opportunity to connect with neighbors and friends. On behalf of SFL, I extend a huge “Thank You!” to Roger and Shirley Wilsey for their gracious hosting of the event at their home and to Committee members, Shannon Nelson, Ginny Beckett, Cathy Iago, Kathy Kottas, Sally English, and Mary Jo Muelners for their meticulous planning and execution of this fun event.

A complaint was recently raised at the June Council meeting by a resident that new residents are not always notified of building and landscaping permit requirements. SFL does not track private real estate transactions so communication to new residents is often made through the SFL Welcome Committee (contact info is listed on the SFL website). We ask residents to please notify a member of the Committee when new residents move into your neighborhood such that they can then be welcomed to SFL and be informed as to critical permit requirements prior to initiating any remodel or landscape projects. We appreciate your help with this communication.

Wishing you a fun and safe summer!

Dan O’Leary