Mayor: Molly Park

Councilmembers: Mike Hovey, JoAnne Wahlstrom, and Richard Williams

City Attorney: Tim Kuntz

City Planner: Ryan Grittman

Engineer: Don Sterna

Building Inspector: Mike Andrejka
City Forester: Jim Nayes
Police Officer: Kurt Syvertsen
Fire Chief: John Maczko

City Clerk: Cathy Iago

and Members of the General Public.

Councilmember Steven Bulach and City Treasurer Ann Lanoue werer absent.

1. CALL TO ORDER: Mayor Park opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m.

2. APPROVE AGENDA: Mayor Park asked if there were any additions or corrections to the agenda.

Clerk Iago asked that the Joint Powers Agreement with Dakota County for the Septic Subsurface Treatment System be added to the agenda under Item 8.f. Other.

Mayor Park asked if there were any other additions and there was no response

Councilmember Wahlstrom moved to adopt the agenda as amended, seconded by Councilmember Williams and carried. (4-0)

3. CONSENT AGENDA: Mayor Park asked if there were any questions or comments relating to any items on the Consent Agenda
and there was no response.

Councilmember Wahlstrom moved approval of the Consent Agenda as presented, seconded by Councilmember Hovey and carried. (4-0)

a. Regular Council Meeting Minutes of September 6, 2016

b. List of Bills

c. Monthly Financials

Fire Chief Maczko arrived at 7:05 p.m.

4. COMMENTS FROM THE PUBLIC: The Mayor asked if there were any comments from the public.

Meg Gehrig, 2165 Charlton Road, explained that she wished to present some additional information on aircraft noise over the City of Sunfish Lake. She stated that the Mayor and several residents met with members of the Noise Oversight Committee (NOC) to discuss the current airplane noise situation. She advised that the meeting provided an opportunity to solidify a relationship between the residents and the NOC. She explained that she prepared a handout with information from David Nelson, Program Manager for the NOC, which contains information in addition to that which was presented in the City Newsletter.

Ms. Gehrig reviewed a few points in the information relating to the fact that the FAA changed operations at this airport and several other airports across the United States. She explained that parallel runways 12L and 12R at the Minneapolis airport are considered priority and the City of Sunfish Lake now experiences more departures and noise with airplane departures. She noted that no studies were done relating to the noise due to the departure change. She stated that in her opinion it is imperative for the new Mayor and Council and residents to stay pro-active with the NOC. She also suggested that the City work with Dana Nelson to encourage the Metropolitan Airport Commission (MAC) to conduct environmental studies on new 12L and 12R runway noise.

Councilmember Williams asked if the MAC was required by State Statutes to conduct an environmental study.

Meg Gehrig stated she was unsure if MAC was required to conduct a study and she offered to ask Dana Nelson. She pointed out that the older operations for departures balanced the noise over the City, however, since the new operations in 2015, the noise is not balanced anymore.

Mayor Park thanked Meg for the information and noted that Dana Nelson is now the Director of Environmental Noise Services and would be a valuable partner to the City. She explained that the NOC met in September and passed a resolution that strongly urges the FAA to conduct an environmental study on the 12L and 12R runways and the noise impact in Sunfish Lake. She briefly discussed some safety issues with the converging runways and the possibility of accidents with planes having to circle the airport prior to landing.

Mayor Park suggested that the information provided by Meg Gehrig could be placed on the City website. She asked if there were any further comments and there was no response.

5. PRESENTATIONS: a. Presentation: Discuss Funding for Recycling Events – Master Recycler Shari Hansen: Shari Hansen, 7 windy Hill Court, was present to request funding to conduct recycling events in 2017. She explained that the City was recently awarded the first step in the Green Step Cities program and in order to receive the next step, the City must adopt “best practices”. She recommended the City adopt best practice #22, increasing the Waste Stream, by partnering with an adjacent city to hold a spring or fall clean-up day. She noted that Inver Grove Heights and West St. Paul recently had a clean-up day event and offered to allow Sunfish Lake to participate. She explained that she was unable to obtain Council approval for funding prior to the event this year, which iss why she was asking for funding for next year’s event.

Ms. Hansen asked that Council set aside approximately $500 for the City to participate in a joint clean-up with Inver Grove Heights in 2017. She showed a diagram of the event and the list of vendors who participate. She described how the City of Inver Grove Heights would calculate the costs to participate by the number of Sunfish Lake residents who participate. She indicated that if 12 percent of the participants are from Sunfish Lake, the cost would be approximately $500 and she recommended that if Council would authorize $1,000 to spend in 2017, Sunfish Lake would have the option to plan other events.

Clerk Iago pointed out that the 2017 Recycling Grant now requires the City to hold a “shredding” event and that it would be less costly to share the expense with a neighboring city than to do so on its own.

Ms. Hansen also discussed the fact that organics recycling would be a part of the new recycling requirements. She advised that a new trial program was established at Thompson Park in West St Paul for organics recycling and that Sunfish Lake residents may use the facility. She explained that she would prepare a newsletter article to encourage residents to participate in the organics recycling program which would also assist the City with obtaining the recycling grant funds and to obtain the next Green Step award.

Mayor Park thanked Shari for the information and asked the City Attorney if formal action is necessary.

Attorney Kuntz explained hat Council could determine if funds are available or further discuss the matter at the December meeting prior to adopting the 2017 budget.

Councilmember Williams indicated that the funding could be taken from the reserve funds.

Councilmember Williams move to allocate the expenditure of $1,000 over the next two years to conduct a joint recycling event with a neighboring city, seconded by Councilmember Hovey.

In discussion, Council concurred that it would be appropriate to authorize $500 and wait and see how the program works in 2017 prior to approving additional funding for 2018.

Councilmember Hovey asked Ms. Hansen what level of participation would be expected from Sunfish Lake residents.

Ms. Hansen explained that Inver Grove Heights prepared documentation showing a 12 percent level of participation from Sunfish Lake. She explained that the clean-up day allows residents to get rid of “stuff” by the car/truckload at a reduced rate and takes items that residents cannot throw in the trash.

Councilmember Williams suggested that the Council authorize the $1,000 expenditure this year and determine participation and if the funding should be increased next year.

Mayor Park asked if there were any further comments and there was no response. She called for a vote.

Motion passed. (4-0)

Shari Hansen thanked Council for authorizing the funds.

6. PLANNING COMMISSION/PLANNER’S REPORT: a. Planner’s Report: Planner Grittman reviewed the following information listed in his report dated September 29, 2016. He explained that the September Planning Commission meeting was cancelled due to a lack of applications.

The Planner explained that the City of Inver Grove Heights proposed a zoning change to their Comprehensive Plan for a project located on Auburn Path and Argenta trail. The zoning would change from Institutional District to a Light Industrial District and staff found no objection to the proposed update.

Planner Grittman advised that the property owner at 2250 Delaware Avenue applied for a minor subdivision and vacation of easements. He stated the property contains three (3) parcels, which would be made into two (2) and one of the parcels contains an existing home. He advised the public hearing for this matter would be at the November Council meeting.

The Planner advised that at the September Council meeting the Mayor directed staff to research a potential well on the Dobrantz property at 2078 Charlton Road. He stated that he contacted Dakota County and they do not have a well disclosure for the parcel. He noted a well disclosure is necessary anytime a well is located on a property and since none exists, it appears that the well has been removed along with the old farmhouse or was never installed. He indicated the only other method to determine if a well exists on the site is to hire a private well company.

Mayor Park explained that she was told by former Mayor Frank Tiffany that there was no running water or septic system on the property.

Councilmember Hovey indicated there must have been water from a well on the site.

Planner Grittman explained that because there is no well disclosure documentation at Dakota County the well may have been installed prior to such records being kept or illegally.

The Planner explained that staff has been working with the property owner at 1 Grieve Glen Lane regarding the lighting of a sport court on the property. He stated the sport court was installed in 2014 with a condition that no lighting would be added. He noted that the Mayor suggested that staff seek Council guidance as to whether or not a change to the City ordinances would be appropriate in regards to lighting or sports courts.

Councilmember Wahlstrom commented that she is confused that Council should be asked to change the ordinance to accommodate someone who has broken the law. She stated she does not support any change.

Councilmember Williams agreed and explained that the real issue relates to someone breaking the commitment and then asking permission after the fact. He stated that in his opinion the property owner should be told to remove the lights.

Councilmember Hovey explained that he recalled discussion about installing safety lighting and asked if the lights are installed for safety purposes.

Planner Grittman responded no and explained the lighting is similar to stadium lighting for the sport court.

Mayor Park explained that she and the Planner were told the court was not used at night.

Councilmember Williams explained that the Council may review sport court lighting, but at this time the property owner is in violation of the approval agreement and should be told to take the lights down.

The Planner stated he would confer with the City Attorney to draft a letter advising the property owner the lights must be removed. He advised that he met with the property owner and Councilmember Bulach.

Mayor Park noted that there is also lighting on the pond on this property and asked if that could remain.

Planner Grittman advised that the lighting on the pond would not meet the standards for safety lighting due to the angle at which they are placed. He offered to review the City Code to determine if those lights could remain.

Councilmember Williams commented that if Council allows the sport court lighting to remind it would set a precedence and in his opinion Council has a responsibility to ensure that the Ordinances are not violated.

The Planner stated he would work with the City Attorney to resolve the matter.

Council thanked the Planner for his report.

7. STAFF REPORTS: a. BUILDING INSPECTOR: Inspector Andrejka stated he issued four (4) and closed one (1) permit in September, 2016.

Council thanked the Inspector for his report.

b. CITY ENGINEER: Engineering Activities Undertaken in September: A. Sunfish Lake Outlet Cleaning/Condition Update: Engineer Sterna referred to his report dated September 28, 2016 and explained that he was contacted by a few residents regarding the high lake level in Sunfish Lake. He stated that he fund the outlet was significantly plugged with sediment from runoff from Charlton Road. He also advised that the culvert pipe that carries both the lake discharge and roadway drainage to the west was plugged and that the problem relates to the configuration of the outlet discharge and the drainage pipe system along the road. He noted that both the roadway culvert on the east side of Charlton Road and the lake outlet pipe join together in a common manhole at the mid-point of the 90 degree bend and this configuration does not separate the roadway drainage from the lake drainage in the manhole. He commented that during heavy rainfall events sediment washes into both pipes which plugs them both. He noted that the lake level on September 30 was 6 inches above the outlet pipes elevation.

The Engineer advised that he authorized Goliath, who has equipment to clean these pipes, to clean and dispose of the sediment materials from the two discharge [pipes and also for the three (3) downstream culverts. As of September 30 the system was clean out and flowing at its capacity until a few hours ago. He explained that the City Forester offered to clean out the pipe shortly before this evening’s meeting, however it will take a while for lake level to drop. He commented that due to the original design of the pipes, maintenance is increasing difficult and he recommended that the outlet pipe be closed once the water level normalizes. He further recommended that the City research a better solution for the outlet as part of the Charlton Road improvement project.

Councilmember Williams asked if the diameter of the pipes causes the problem.

Councilmember Wahlstrom commented that it appears to be the angle of the pipes that is the issue.

Engineer Sterna agreed that the angle of the pipes is the issue. He also noted that the maintenance of the pipes is costly and that the Forester had agreed to monitor the levels and the pipes.

B. TH 110 Casing Pipe Decision: The Engineer advised that he completed and forwarded a plan to MnDOT for the proposed casing pipe under TH 110, however, MnDOT has requested a more detailed plan. He stated he would prepared and send the more detailed plan to MnDOT this week. He noted that the casing length worked out to be 200 ft., which puts the pipe 30 ft. beyond the edge of the roadway pavement on the north side. He noted he was unable to extend the pipe all the wa to the edges on MnDOT right-of-way on the north due to the existing trail.
C. Charlton Road Feasibility Report: Engineer Sterna explained that Council directed staff to present an estimated cost for preparation of a feasibility report, detailed preliminary roadway layout long with identifying easement widths and preliminary construction limits for implements to Charlton Road based on recent meetings with residents. He stated that the estimated cost for this level of detail would be $22,500 and that he would work with the Fire Chief to determine where bump outs for fire and landscaping vehicle parking may occur. He noted the report would be more detailed and require more public involvement than usually associated with a feasibility report. He also noted that soil borings would be included as part of the report. He requested Council determine if they wish to proceed with the project.

Councilmember Williams commented that the emergency and landscaping vehicles area may be bump-ins for parking and could serve multiple purposes due to the narrowness of the roadway.

Mayor Park asked if Council wished to take action on this matter tonight or further review the information.

Councilmember Wahlstrom stated she preferred to decide this evening.

Mayor Park questioned the timeline to complete the project.

Engineer Sterna advised that he would conduct meetings with residents to determine easements and to discuss a customized plan for the road.

Councilmember Wahlstrom pointed out that the meetings with residents should be held in October and November as some residents are out-of-town during the winter months.

Mayor Park asked if the estimate would include plans for both paving and not-paving with ditching.

Engineer Sterna responded yes and stated he would include two options, however, he found that in discussion with residents the underlying tone of most favor paving the roadway.

Councilmember Hovey moved to direct the City Engineer to proceed with preparation of the Feasibility Report for the Charlton Road improvements at a cost not to exceed $22,500 with the options as previously discussed by Council, seconded by Councilmember Wahlstrom and carried. (4-0)

D. Building and Site Reviews: Engineer Sterna stated he had one final site inspection in the past month.

Public Works Activities Undertaken in the Month of September: A. 2016 Crack Seal and Seal Coat Project: The Engineer advised that the contractor completed the striping along Salem Church Road From Delaware Avenue to Roanoke Road and the projects are now completed He explained the final costs were slightly below the bid and the payment request would be on the November agenda for approval.

B. 2016-2017 Snow Plow Quotes: Engineer Sterna stated he requested four (4) quotes for the snow plowing contract and only received two (2) bids. He referred to his report dated October 4, 2016 with the summary of the two (2) quotes received and explained that last year the City selected Executive Contractors, Inc. for snow plowing services. He noted that he reviewed and compared the quotes based on a 6-hour snow fall event using 14 tons of sand to determine which vender proves the best value. He noted that the City has some issues with Executive Contractors, Inc. last year, but the company has not gone through a staffing change. He noted that last year the company had done a cursory plow throughout the City and then came back to finish the streets; however, residents did not understand this concept and it caused complaints. He advised that the other company did not have all the equipment required to plow and their quote would be much higher due to their use of materials. He recommended Council award the bid to Executive Contractors, Inc. for the 2016-2017 Snow Plow season.

Attorney Kuntz asked what amount was budgeted for the 2016-2017 snow plow season.

Engineer Sterna stated $30,000 was budgeted and last year the City spent $22,000.

Mayor Park asked if staff would work with the new owners and their staff and personally drive the City with them to show them the issues relating to the cul-de-sac areas and storage of snow off the road. She noted that staff should outline the complaints and concerns from residents to insure the same problems do not arise.

Councilmember Wahlstrom agreed and noted that the dangerous intersections should also be identified to the contractor.

Councilmember Williams also agreed that it would be worthwhile for staff to review the issues that arose last year. He commented that it may be appropriate to advise residents in the City newsletter as to why Council recommended not plowing until a measurable snowfall occurs and the Council views on the use of sand/salt due to environmental concerns.

Engineer Sterna stated he would work with the new management and staff of Executive Contractors, Inc. to discuss the level of service and identify the expectations of residents.

Mayor Park asked if there were any further comments or questions and there was no response.

Councilmember Williams moved to award the contract for the 2016-2017 Snow Plowing to Executive Contracting, Inc. and to direct staff to provide educational instruction for plowing City streets to the manager and contractor’s staff prior to the snowplow season, seconded by Councilmember Wahlstrom and carried. (4-0)

Anticipated Engineering and Public Works Activities for October : A. Charlton Road Potential Improvements: The Engineer stated he would continue to work with the Charlton Road Task Force to prepare the feasibility report.

B. 2017 City Improvement Project: The Engineer stated he would discuss this later on the agenda and finalize the report for Council action at the November meeting.

Council thanked the Engineer for his report.

c. CITY FORESTER: Forester Nayes stated he did not issue any burning permits in September and that soon he would be unable to issue burning permits due to the dry leaves falling. He explained that he removed brush on Charlton Road from a willow tree that fell. He stated that he planted several varieties of trees in Musser Park and along Salem Church Road. He explained that he met with Eagle Scout Alden Prueher and his team to install three new benches at strategic locations in Musser Park as outlined in his report dated September 30, 2016, and the group also installed ten bluebird house in the meadows in the park. He commented that these amenities are a worth improvement to the park and are in keeping with the rustic minimal maintenance and care of the park. He stated that Rough Cutt mowed the meadow in Musser Park and the street right-of-ways and that he pruned trees for clearance and sight lines at the sharp curve on Charlton Road.

The Forester advised that he picked up and disposed of mattresses and an ottoman dumped at 2078 Charlton Road, delivered the fire number signs to various property owners and consulted with residents regarding oak wilt and options provided by the U of M plant disease labs for treating the trees.

Forester Nayes stated he met with Mayor Park and representatives from NDC4 Town Square TV for an interview and to film a segment relating to deer issues and the need for deer management within the City.

Mayor Park explained that the Cable TV program Insight 7 films segments of interest for the participating communities. She stated that the segment on deer in Sunfish Lake was extremely informative and recommended that it be placed on the City website for viewing.

Councilmember Wahlstrom commented that she had filmed a segment for the program relating to her photographs.

Council thanked the Forester for his report.

d. PUBLIC SAFETY: Fire Chief Maczko explained that he was present this evening to promote Fire Prevention Week and invited Council and residents to attend an Open House at the Fire Station on Dodd Road on Saturday, October 15 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. He explained there would be a sprinkler system demonstration at 2:30 p.m. at the station and encouraged everyone to attend this event. He explained that there are two small rooms built each year for this demonstration and that the room equipped with sprinklers may be re-used for this event every year while the other structure does not survive the fire damage without the sprinklers.

Councilmember Williams asked if it was true that a life is never lost in a sprinkled building.

Chief Maczko explained that is it 97% true as there are some catastrophic events that may results in death.

The Chief advised that resident Tom Mattaini would be sending out a notice to promote the annual Fire Department Dinner and Dance Fundraiser event held on November 14, 2016. He stated that the Fire Department Annual Report would also be sent out soon and that he was very proud of the department’s safety record.

Chief Maczko thanked Councilmember Wahlstrom for the photographs she took of the controlled burn conducted by the Fire Department. He reported that there were four (4) fire calls in the City this month.

Council thanked the Fire Chief for his attendance and report.

Officer Kurt Syvertsen was present on behalf of Chief Shaver and reviewed the police report dated September 28, 2016. He noted there were four (4) false alarms this month and he reviewed the other calls listed on the report. He explained that Sgt. Muellner asked him to report that everything is in place to begin the Deer Management Program with the following weekend dates set aside for the Metro Bowhunters: October 14, 15, 16; November 4, 5,6; November 18,19,20; and Decemberr 2, 3, 4. He commented that Sgt. Muellner also asked that any residents who would be willing to allow hunting on their property contact him so he could review their property.

Council thanked Officer Syvertsen for the report.

8. NEW/OTHER BUSINESS: a. Review Feasibility Report for Charlton Road Improvements: Mayor Park stated this item was discussed earlier.

b. Discuss 2017 Improvement Project: Engineer Sterna referred Council to the Draft Feasibility Report for the 2017 Improvement Project dated September 29, 2016. He explained that the east end of Salem Church Road is rapidly deteriorating and that he asked Pine Bend Paving to fill in some potholes at the east end of the road.

The Engineer stated that the project includes a full depth reclamation on the east end of Salem Church Road and the replacement of three (3) corrugated steel culvert pipes with plastic pipes. He stated that the project proposes a 2-inch bituminous overlay on Roanoke Road.

Engineer Sterna advised that the estimated cost for the Roanoke Road overly would be $59,140, which includes 25% for administrative costs related to the project and a 10% contingency. He explained that the City’s Assessment Policy identifies this type of street for a cost sharing of 80% from benefitted properties and 20% from the City. He stated that there are eight (8) assessable units and the estimated assessment would be $6,000 per unit. He noted this assessment would be similar to past projects.

Mayor Park was if the improvements to Windy Hill Road and Court were charged similar assessments.

Engineer Sterna advised that the Windy Hill Road/Court assessments were $6,500 per unit and the Angell Road assessments were $4,500 per unit.

The Engineer advised that the cost for the Salem Church Road portion of the project are estimated at $341,780, which includes 25% for administrative costs and a 10% contingency. He explained that the assessments for this portion of the road are different as there are only three (3) properties with direct access and twelve (12) properties that have access from private roads. He pointed out that this roadway is classified as a “collector” road and the assessment policy identifies a 40% from benefitted properties and a 60% from the City cost sharing. He advised that this would result in an assessment of $9,500 per unit. He commented that he discussed the assessments for this project with the City Attorney in an attempt to balance the assessments with past projects. He recommended that Council consider an assessment rate of 21%, which results in an assessment of $5,000 per unit.
Engineer Sterna reviewed the schedule listed on page 13 of his report:

October, 2016 – Council Receives the Draft Feasibility Study

November, 2016 - Council accepts the Feasibility Study and Draft Financing Plan Schedule

December, 2016 – Council Orders Public Hearing

January, 2017 - Conduct an Open House to receive public comments

February, 2017 – Council receives Final Feasibility Study, Conducts a Public Hearing and Order Plans and Specification

March, 2017 – Council approves Plans and Specifications and Authorizes Advertisement for Bids

April, 2017 – Council Receives Bids, Awards Contract

June, 2017 – Construction begins

July, 2017 – Construction completed

September, 2017 – Council conducts Assessment Hearing

The Engineer explained that Council could set schedule an Open House in December, 2016, which would move the project schedule ahead. He briefly discussed the fact that the City may issue a 10-year bond for the project.

Mayor Park noted that the majority of the Salem Church Road project would be assessed and paid for by residents residing on Salem Lane. She commented that staff may wish to present an educational component on the City’s assessment policy as part of the open house. She also noted that on Figure 4 in the report the address for the Baskfield property is Salem Church Road, but they access their property from Roanoke Road.

Engineer Sterna agreed that noted they own two parcels in the project area. He noted that all the residents on the private roads had paid for the improvements when they were first installed.

There was discussion relating to the fact that some of the residents were charged less for their assessment than what is now being proposed for this project.

Mayor Park suggested that in the future staff should review projects to determine if both sections of the road could be done at the same time or in close proximity to avoid the unequal assessments.

Attorney Kuntz explained that once Council accepts the Feasibility Study the project would move quickly and he recommended that staff combine both projects in an attempt to get a better bid results. He summarized that Council would be asked to formally approve the Feasibility Study and the preliminary assessment roll with interest rates. He referred Council to Figure 4 that shows the affected properties and stated the proposed assessments for Salem Church Road are recommended at $5,000 per unit and $9,500 per unit for Roanoke Road. He stated that Council would be asked to approve the final report, direct WSB Engineering to oversee the project, consider hiring Ehlers as the financial adviser to prepare a 10-year bond issue. He commented that the impact to the City would be another bond issue for a 10 year period and noted the City currently has two bond issues.

Mayor Park asked if there were any further questions or comments and there was no response.

Council thanked the Engineer for his report.

c. Consider Award of 2016-2017 Snow Plowing Bid: Mayor Park stated this item was discussed earlier.

d. Consider Resolution Appointing Election Judges to Serve at the November 8, 2016 General Election: Clerk Iago referred to her report dated September 29, 2016 and asked Council to adopt the resolution appoint election judges for the November 8, 2016 General Election.

Mayor Park asked if the names of the judges should be read and Clerk Iago responded that it was not necessary.

Councilmember Wahlstrom moved to adopt Resolution No. 16-19 titled RESOLUTION APPOINTING ELECTION JUDGES TO SERVE AT THE NOVEMBER 8, 2016 GENERAL ELECTION, seconded by Councilmember Williams and carried. (4-0)

e. Consider Rescheduling November Council Meeting and Scheduling Special Meeting to Canvass Municipal Election Results. Clerk Iago referred to her memorandum dated September 29, 2016 and explained that staff original thought the November election would be held on the same date was the regular Council meeting in November and asked that Council change the date to Wednesday. However, the election is scheduled one week later than the regular Tuesday meeting date and therefore, Council has the option to reschedule the meeting back to its regular date.

The Clerk also noted that Council must schedule a Special Meeting to canvass the municipal portion of the ballot. She stated and that according to the election laws, the meeting may be scheduled between Friday November 11 and Friday November 18, 2016. She commented that usually the meeting is brief and only requires Council to approve the canvass results. She suggested that the canvass meeting be held at 5:30 p.m. after working hours in case the public wishes to attend.

After a brief discussion, Council concurred to move the November meeting back to its regular date on November 1, 2016 and to schedule the Special Canvass meeting on Tuesday, November 15, 2016 at 5:30 p.m.

Councilmember Hovey moved to reschedule the November meeting back to its regular date on November 1, 2016 and to schedule the Special Canvass meeting on Tuesday, November 15, 2016 at 5:30 p.m. seconded by Councilmember Wahlstrom and carried. (4-0)

f. Other: Consider Approval of Joint Powers Agreement Between Dakota County and the City of Sunfish Lake for Administrative Services Related to the Municipal SSTS Pump Maintenance Program: Clerk Iago stated that the City had previously entered a Joint Powers Agreement with Dakota County for the purpose of mailing septic pumping reminder postcards to residents. She explained that this was done at the same time the City adopted the new Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems ordinance as recommended by Dakota County to meet and, in some cases exceed State standards. She noted the new ordinance amended the City’s previous requirement that septic systems be pumped every two-years and allowed the systems to be pumped every three-years as required by the State.

Councilmember Williams recalled that the JPA saved the Clerk the process of mailing out the reminder postcards.

Clerk Iago noted that the main reason she recommended Dakota County take over the mailings was due to the fact that all the septic pumping contractors must report their activities to the County, however, she would have to call the pumpers because they were not required to send the information to her. She noted that the new contract would be effective from the date of execution until December 31, 2025 and she was not aware of any increase in the mailing fees.

Mayor Park asked if there were any questions or comments and there was no response.

Councilmember Hovey moved to authorize the Mayor and staff to execute the Joint Powers Agreement between Dakota County and the City of Sunfish Lake for Administrative Services Related to the Municipal SSTS Pump Maintenance Program, seconded by Councilmember Wahlstrom and carried. (4-0)

Mayor Park asked if there was any further business and there was no response.

9. ADJOURN: Mayor Park called for adjournment of the meeting at 8:30 p.m.

____________________________ ________________________________

Catherine Iago, City Clerk Molly Park, Mayor